Who we are and what we do

Early Childhood and Elementary School specific roles:

  • guidance lessons in the classroom settings;
  • providing counseling support for children ages 3-12 who need extra support socially, emotionally or academically;
  • organizing and leading parent support and discussion groups; and
  • helping to ensure students are safe and secure in their communities by consulting with relevant adults.

QUIGLEY-Amanda_0177“Supporting younger children and their families has always been a joy of mine. I love being able to take part in a child’s development of new strengths and talents. Prior to my role at AISB, I worked as an educational psychologist in Utah, USA. I grew up in the mountainous state and received my educational psychologist degree at Utah State University. I have experience and interest in psycho-educational evaluations, special education needs, parent trainings, behavioral analysis and of course counseling students ages 3-12. My newest interest is in developing better ways to support Third Culture Kids and their families. I love meeting new people, practicing yoga, trying new foods and watching a good movie with my husband and a bowl of popcorn.” 

Amanda Quigley, Early Childhood and Elementary School Counselor




“I’m excited to be joining Amanda in the PYP counseling program. Prior to my role at AISB, I have worked as a Psychologist in various clinical and research mental health settings in Australia.
I have a strong interest in helping children recognize their strengths and values, and develop strategies to help them manage the different challenges they will experience throughout their lives.  
Outside of my role at AISB, I love cooking, reading and travelling with my husband and sons.
I look forward to working with you! “

Franny Stewart, Early Childhood and Elementary School Counselor

If you are a parent or child attending AISB please access the AISB Counselor Weebly for more information about Early Childhood and Elementary counseling programs and upcoming events.  http://aisbcounselor.weebly.com/

It is the role of all AISB Counselors to:

  • provide support services to the wider AISB community including students, parents and staff;
  • remove barriers to learning;
  • encourage student advocacy;
  • support the transition of students and families into and out of the AISB community;
  • be accessible and approachable;
  • provide communications and psychoeducational resources;
  • support school-wide initiatives such as child protection and crisis response; and
  • operate under the guidelines of the International Model for School Counseling Programs (2011).

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