Who we are and what we do

High School specific roles:

  • overseeing the development and delivery of the Grades 9-12 advisory program;
  • individual and group social, emotional, behavioral and academic counseling to Grades 9-12. Typical groups include transitioning, family changes, grief and loss;
  • career planning to Grades 9 & 10;
  • university advising and applications to Grades 11 & 12; and
  • grades 9-12 student support team members.

BATTERSBY-Tim_0240“Originally from Adelaide in Australia, I started teaching middle and high school PE, Health, Outdoor Education, Humanities and Geography in schools in Australia, Munich and Saigon. In 2006 and 2007 I studied my Masters in Counselling and worked for the University of Notre Dame, Australia to recruit and support international students. Since then I have worked as a Director of Admissions and Marketing in an international school in Thailand; as an HR Manager in the corporate sector in SE Asia; as a HS Counselor and University Advisor in an international school in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; and now at AISB.

As well as enjoying time with my family, and exploring new places on foot and on my motorbike, my professional interests include positive psychology, supporting transitions, and cross-cultural counseling.”

Tim Battersby, High School Guidance and College Counselor


Oddny BAKKE_3055“Hello AISB students and parents! My name is Oddny Bakke and I am the new, additional, High School Counselor. Mr. Battersby and I will be working with grades 9 through 12 on various aspects of students’ social, personal, academic, and career development – as well as the process of figuring out one’s next chapter in life after high school. Whether it is applying to university, taking a gap year, or considering a vocational career, I support students in making wise and informed choices.

For the past seven years I have had the opportunity to work with students in Phoenix, Arizona in the US; Nairobi, Kenya (ISK); and Jakarta, Indonesia (JIS). Prior to my K-12 experience, I was an Academic Advisor, Disability Counselor and Exchange Program Advisor for a small liberal arts college in New England, USA. I am originally from the beautiful state of New Hampshire. I have two amazing grown sons, Paul (28) and Alex (26). I love to trail run, practice yoga and mindfulness, and spend time outdoors.

Oddny Bakke, High School Guidance and College Counselor

It is the role of all AISB Counselors to:

  • provide support services to the wider AISB community including students, parents and staff;
  • remove barriers to learning;
  • encourage student advocacy;
  • support the transition of students and families into and out of the AISB community;
  • be accessible and approachable;
  • provide communications and psychoeducational resources;
  • support school-wide initiatives such as child protection and crisis response; and
  • operate under the guidelines of the International Model for School Counseling Programs (2011).

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