Who we are and what we do

Middle School specific roles:

  • input into the Grades 6, 7 & 8 advisory program; and
  • individual and group social, emotional, behavioral and academic counseling to Grades 6, 7 & 8. Typical groups include transitioning, family changes, grief and loss.

Stephanie Finnell“I am a high energy person who loves volunteering and meeting new people.​ I am from South Carolina, USA. I earned my bachelor’s degree in experimental psychology and my educational specialist degree in counselor education (specializing in K-12 school counseling) from the University of South Carolina. After working in a high school for three years, I decided to pursue an international placement here at AISB. I’ve always loved supporting students as they grow into their best selves and I am constantly striving to create additional opportunities for them to gain confidence and find purpose in life.”

Stephanie Finnell, Middle School Counselor

It is the role of all AISB Counselors to:

  • provide support services to the wider AISB community including students, parents and staff;
  • remove barriers to learning;
  • encourage student advocacy;
  • support the transition of students and families into and out of the AISB community;
  • be accessible and approachable;
  • provide communications and psychoeducational resources;
  • support school-wide initiatives such as child protection and crisis response; and
  • operate under the guidelines of the International Model for School Counseling Programs (2011).

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